Selling Your Home


Each year millions of people are looking sell a property.

Here at Emmatt Rundle we know what a daunting task this can be and are here to help you through the process.


Your first step is to book a free, no obligation, valuation of your property to not only give you an idea of what price you should be marketing your property at, but also so that we can guide you through the process of selling your home and answer any questions you may have.

Why not contact us today to get started?


What You Can Do

We have been helping our clients sell their homes for over 40 years so we know what works! For some tips on things you can do to help make your home more attractive to buyers, read our useful guide Tips for Presenting Your Home.

Viewings can also be tricky and some clients wonder if they are saying or doing the right thing when showing their property to a potential buyer, take a look at our guide Handling a Viewing for some key points to keep in mind. We can always advise you individually with selling your home too, as not all of these tips will be right for everyone as every person and every property is different.