How To Handle Viewings

It is sometimes difficult to know the best ways to handle a viewing if you are showing your own property. Of course if you would prefer we can always show your property for you, free of charge, but here are some tips that you may want to think about when showing your own home.


* It is a good idea to decide in advance the order in which you are going to show the potential buyers around your home. Try to start and finish the tour in what you consider to be the best room, it will create the best possible first impression and leave a great lasting impression too.



* Make a mental note of some features you would like to mention that may not be obvious, for example; “it’s lovely to eat my breakfast in the conservatory while watching the sunrise”, maybe you love the neighbours or the fact your garden is south facing. Always point out the positive but be careful not to oversell too much.


* Once you have shown the prospective buyers around invite them to have a second look on their own, but don’t go outside or make a phone call so that you are available to answer any questions. Try not to bombard them with details as the first viewing tends to be the time to just get a feel for the property, the viewers don’t need to know every piece of minor work that’s been done since you moved in.


* Never ask them what they think or quiz them about whether they might want to make an offer, this will put the viewers on the spot and may make them feel uncomfortable. The viewing will always be followed up by our professional staff so you can rest assured that you will be kept up-to-date on what your visitor’s thoughts were. That being said, do not feel discouraged if the feedback is neutral or even negative as it gives us a good idea of things we can do to help market your property or a sales strategy going forward. Adding to that the fact that this may not be how most buyers would think, everyone is different in their individual needs or taste and we can always advise you on how to take this feedback, especially if there is a common theme. Try not to take offence, especially if anyone makes comments when you are showing them around as it’s best not to think of your property as your home at this point but as a product and you are the sales person.


* As we advised on the Tips For Presenting Your Home page, if you have a dog or cat it is best to make sure they are out of the house if this is possible. You don’t want to distract people from your home, if possible have someone take them for the time of the appointment otherwise you may want to put them outside.


Although all of this advice is worth taking heed of it is by no means right for everyone. You can only do what is comfortable for you and we would be happy to advise you on an individual basis.