Tips For Presenting Your Home

We often get asked what are the best ways to make homes more attractive to potential buyers, below are some tips that we believe could really help boost the saleability of your property and give it some extra appeal. We understand that you have to live in your home while it is on the market so it is difficult to keep it spotless the whole time, but by using these tips as a guide prior to each viewing you can keep your property looking enticing for each potential buyer. We also recommend that you look at this advice before you have photos taken by us so your home is presented in the best way possible, after all almost all potential buyers will see these photographs before they decide to view your home.


Curb Appeal

You won’t get a second chance to make a first impression, most buyers won’t view your property if they don’t like the look of it from the outside and many will drive down your street before contacting us for an appointment. It’s good to keep your gardens and external areas neat and tidy if possible and small touches like flowers in pots really can make a difference. Don’t forget to wash down your front door and, if necessary, give it a fresh coat of paint.


The Hallway

Your hallway is more important than you may think, after all it is the first and last room a buyer sees when viewing your home. Clear away coats and shoes, replace a worn light shade if necessary and putting up a mirror can make all the difference. If someone sees themselves in your home, they are more likely to feel at home themselves and it can also make the hall feel more spacious.


Light & Air

It is important that your property feels light and airy rather than dark and drab. Open curtains and blinds and it maylightandairy
sound strange but replacing all the bulbs in your home with brighter ones could make your property feel light, roomy and more comfortable if the viewing is in the evening. During the warmer seasons open a few windows slightly to let some fresh air in and in the winter you can always do this before the viewing and close them before the buyer arrives so they don’t feel uncomfortable. It is a good idea to invest in a light, mild air freshener or light a scented candle now and again before a viewing to make sure your home smells fresh and clean, it is important to remember impressions can be made from other senses than just sight. We also advise sellers not to smoke inside your home as it can be a major turn-off to potential buyers who may think the smell will be difficult to remove. It is recommended for walls to be light or neutral colours as this will also make the rooms feel more spacious, fresh and inviting however this is your decision whether you want to redecorate or not and can always be revisited later.


Bathrooms & Toilets

Clear away toiletries, make up, sponges, bath toys and cleaning products that tend to clutter bathrooms. Make sure bath mats are clean and that folded clean towels are arranged before a viewing. The bathroom suite should be clean and you should consider replacing sealants if stubborn mould has collected and bleach hasn’t quite done the job.





The kitchen is one of the biggest selling points of a property so it is important to make this room look as appealing as possible. Clear away clutter and clean all surfaces and floors, make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink or on the draining rack, pet bowls should be cleared away and use light air freshener to clear away any stale cooking smells. Remember to put away any laundry and do not put any clothes on the line or radiators before a viewing.



Living Areas & Bedrooms

Clutter can be very off-putting and can make your home feel smaller than it actually is so it is important to clear away any excess items. It is also important to consider that rooms are displayed for their original purpose. For example a dining room which has a desk, computer and paperwork in would be better displayed with a dining room table and chairs to highlight its purpose. Also think about whether a spare bedroom is being used as a storage room, it can be difficult to see a rooms potential if it is filled with boxes or lots of unused household items.



Some peoples love animals, some people don’t and some are allergic so make sure that before a viewing that, if possible they are out of the house. Even if the potential buyer loves animals, there is the risk that they will pay more attention to Oscar or Felix and less attention to your home. You also don’t want someone who is fearful or dislikes animals to feel uncomfortable and be in more of a rush to leave before they have had a proper look round. If you have time it is best to hoover carpets for allergic viewers, remove pet bowls, baskets and most importantly litter trays.




Gardens are becoming like an extra room in your home and people are now spending more time outside entertaining, for family play time or even just relaxing with a cup of tea. The first impression of your garden shouldn’t be an overgrown wilderness, concrete wasteland or where unloved toys go to rust. Try to keep grass, shrubs & plants tidy, plant some appealing flowers if you can or even in some colourful pots or hanging baskets. A patio set or bench can also be a good addition to your garden, showing the viewer that it is an inviting area to sit or entertain in.



Don’t get carried away!

These finishing touches needn’t cost the earth, if you are in any doubt we can give you advice on what improvements are worthwhile. For example spending a lot of money on a new premium kitchen or bathroom may entice a buyer but you may end up spending more than you will earn in profit from your sale.